2002-2004 Action Plan

The 2002-2004 Action Plan for construction of the Common Area of Higher Education ALCUE was approved at the Summit of Heads of State and Government of EU countries, Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Madrid in May 2002 - see Statement Madrid . At the Guadalajara Summit Conference held in May 2004, the Heads of State and Government agreed to extend until 2008 the deadline for meeting the objectives set forth in the Plan of Action 2002-2004.

The following objectives of the cooperation established for this period:

Projects to Promote the Mobility:

  • Development of study on the mobility programs;
  • Conducting Seminar ALCUE on the systems of validation of study periods;
  • Creation of chairs of European studies, Latin American and Caribbean countries to facilitate mobility of teachers.

Projects for Development of Quality Assessment in Higher Education:

  • Conducting Seminar ALCUE with experts on assessment of quality of institutions and higher education programs;
  • Creation of a Forum-ALCUE EdSup information and debate on the Quality Assessment on Higher Education and Accreditation;
  • Development of study on accreditation and convergence of study programs (titles) within the space ALCUE.

Transversal Actions:

  • Establishment and strengthening of centers of research and studies in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and Europeans in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Promotion of meetings of experts on technical and vocational training at tertiary level;
  • Support for the creation of virtual libraries;
  • Conclusion of a training course on regional integration.

Chairs ALCUE:

The Chairs ALCUE are a network of thematic programs in the form of courses, cycles of seminars, lectures, conferences or other forms of interaction in person or remotely, for discussion and study of issues concerning the regional and interregional problems of the European Union, America America and the Caribbean. These programs are offered to the participation of teachers, researchers, students and experts from countries of the European Higher Education ALCUE. Chairs ALCUE are based in institutions of higher education ALCUE Area.