AlCUE Common Area of Higher Education

The ALCUE Common Area of Higher Education is an initiative of the European Union countries, Latin America and the Caribbean for the creation of an environment for interaction and bilateral and multilateral cooperation for their higher education systems. Its origin lies in the Summit Conference in Rio de Janeiro , held on June 29, 1999, in which the Heads of State and Government expressed their political will to intensify relations between these countries and identified education as a top priority action.

The main goals and objectives of the Common Area of Higher Education ALCUE were established in the Conference of Education Ministers from European Union countries, Latin America and the Caribbean, held on 2 and 3 November 2000 in Paris, whose statement proclaims the higher education as a public good, essential to human, social and technological, and states as essential to overcoming inequality between people, educational institutions and national societies and for the exercise of its balanced interdependence.

The actions to be carried out under the Space-ALCUE EdSup should take into account the fundamentals of the common cultural heritage of European Union countries, Latin America and the Caribbean. They should contribute to promoting mutual understanding of these countries so as to stimulate the interaction of its institutions of higher education, universities and other, and their respective educational systems.

Specifically, the space-ALCUE EdSup aims to promote actions that encourage and facilitate the exchange and movement of students, teachers, researchers, technical staff and management of higher education systems, promoting the interaction of higher education institutions, universities and other; disseminate information, promote discussion, especially those pertaining to higher education and can contribute to improving the quality of higher education in European Union countries, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Thematic Areas:

The profile of participants' interests, as well as debates, discussions, references and events announced on the website of Space-ALCUE EdSup are referenced to the following Subject Areas:

  • Quality Assessment
  • Comparability and Equivalence of the education and Securities
  • Credits, Curriculum Studies and Cycles
  • Open and Continuing Education
  • Interactive Media Aided Education and Distance Education
  • Finance and Development
  • Training, Vocational Training and Employment
  • Regulatory Framework of Higher Education
  • Mobility Exchange and the Recognition of Studies
  • Policies for Higher Education
  • Graduate Studies and Research
  • Knowledge Society and Information
  • Another